“Mastro Films is ‘Victorious!'”

Winner of Best Feature Documentary 2018 at New York’s BushWick Film Festival, Mastro Films is a full service production company and brave-new-digital-world content creator

Mastro Films excels in new media, new technologies, and new concepts of film meets multimedia meets multi-marketing.  Story depth equals social breadth!
“Victorious” is the latest feature film by Mastro Films, debuting in October at the BushWick Film Festival to an exciting reception of cheers, tears, and the Best Feature Documentary Award. Next, and currently in postproduction, are “Art of Joy” and “I Will Love”, two feature documentaries coming in 2019.
Mastro Films is a full service production and postproduction company spanning all media including INDEPENDENT FEATURE FILM, DOCUMENTARY FEATURE FILM, EVENTS (large/small/corporate/and private), MARKETING & BRANDING, our SIGNATURE ‘MASTROPIECE’ WEDDING FILMS, and everything else you can or can’t fathom.  info@mastrofilms.com